Health and law enforcement officials in Greensboro are still working to identify and contain a COVID-19 outbreak at the Guilford County jail. The efforts are in response to the recent discovery of 26 inmates there who tested positive for the disease.

It began last week when three inmates who lived in the same housing pod became symptomatic and tested positive. The remaining 23 prisoners there were tested and found to be infected as well.

Guilford County Sheriff Danny Rogers says the entry point is unknown and current protocols will remain in place: new inmates are quarantined before entry, units are sanitized twice daily, temperatures checked, and mask-wearing is mandatory. 

Rogers says given the number of employees traveling to and from the facility each day, the real challenge comes after work is done.

“When you're away from the job facility, you must also conduct yourself accordingly,” says Rogers. “Because when people get away from the job, sometimes they feel like they're free. COVID is hanging around everybody. So, I have to make sure myself that I'm not around people first and foremost, but if I am, I know who I'm around and I wear my mask and sanitize and keep my hands washed and social distance.”

Rogers says the goal is to quickly test the remainder of the jail population: some 200 inmates, with detention officers, medical providers, and cafeteria workers bringing the total to up to roughly 400 individuals. He says they hope to complete the testing within a week.

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