• 10:24am Feb 11, 2014
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    Does Congress Have Enough Political Will To Reduce The Debt?

    When the bipartisan budget deal was announced in December, supporters heralded cuts that would balance spending increases — among them, a slight reduction to the pensions of working-age military retirees. But a bipartisan consensus emerged to undo it — calling into the question whether Congress has the political will necessary to make any cuts that reduce the long-term debt.
  • 3:40pm Feb 07, 2014
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    GOP Still Looking At Pieces Of Debt Limit 'Puzzle'

    Friday is the statutory deadline for the Treasury's borrowing authority, but Congress has no agreement on how to raise the limit. House Republicans appear unwilling to force another showdown over the debt ceiling, but they have not yet found a way to save face, and there are few legislative days left before Treasury exhausts its means to pay the bills.
  • 11:26am Feb 07, 2014
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    January Unemployment Numbers Expected To Rebound

    The Labor Department releases the January jobs report Friday morning. December was a big disappointment. Analysts are puzzling over why an economy that's growing at a better than 3 percent clip can't produce more jobs.
  • 7:55pm Feb 06, 2014
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    Even As Dairy Industry Booms, There Are Fewer And Fewer Farms

    In the past decade, half of the dairy farms in the U.S. have gone out of business, but thanks to technological advances and selective breeding, the dairy industry is more efficient than ever. It produces 20 percent more milk than it did ten years ago. Harvest Public Media's Abbie Fentress Swanson reports that economists are even predicting that U.S. farmers will export an unprecedented amount of dairy products this year. Still, this ramped-up production has made it difficult for smaller operations to compete.
  • 8:00pm Feb 04, 2014
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    Senate Steps Into The Data Breach Controversy

    The Senate Judiciary Committee spent the day looking into recent data thefts at Target and Neiman Marcus. Lawmakers know there is a big problem, but they are struggling with what role the federal government should play is creating new standards to safeguard consumer data.
  • 7:20am Feb 03, 2014
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    Obama's State Of The Union And Your Economic Reality

    In his speech, President Obama painted a fairly rosy picture of the economy, but many Americans say they aren't seeing it. We dig into the president's remarks and compare them to the average American's experience.
  • 2:58pm Jan 31, 2014
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    New York Looks To Bring Bitcoin Out Of The Shadows

    Bitcoin has been tied to the dark side of the Internet, where it's been linked to drug trafficking. But New York's financial regulators say they want to foster innovation and are looking to legitimize the virtual currency by licensing it.