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  • 4:29pm Sep 05, 2016
    National National Economy Politics & Government

    Clinton Promises To Help Create Manufacturing Jobs Of The Future

    Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump says if he's elected president he will bring back some of the millions of manufacturing jobs that the United States has lost in recent decades. Democrat Hillary Clinton has a manufacturing plan as well, one she says will help create the manufacturing jobs of the future.
  • 4:29pm Sep 05, 2016
    National National Science Environment

    Scientists Explore Purple Microbial Mats In The Depths Of Lake Huron

    Researchers from around the world are visiting Lake Huron to look at purple mats deep below the water's surface. They believe these mats could explain how the Earth's oxygen rich air developed 2.4 billion years ago.
  • 4:29pm Sep 05, 2016
    Sports Sports National

    U.S. Open Quarterfinals Set To Begin In New York

    NPR's Audie Cornish speaks with Sports Illustrated executive editor and senior writer Jon Wertheim about the U.S. Open. Matches on Sunday and Monday will decide the lineup for the quarterfinals.
  • 4:29pm Sep 05, 2016
    National National Politics & Government

    Trump, Clinton Make Pitches To Working Class Voters On Labor Day

    Labor day is traditionally the start of the last leg of the campaign season, and both campaigns on Monday made a pitch to working class voters. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton made stops in Ohio, a state whose voters are critical to any presidential candidate.
  • 4:29pm Sep 05, 2016
    National National

    White House Proposes Loosening Restrictions For Immigrant Entrepreneurs

    The Obama administration plans to make it easier for immigrants to start or scale up businesses in the U.S., which matters a lot to the tech industry. NPR's Audie Cornish speaks with Nitin Pachisia, co-founder of Unshackled Ventures, a venture capital firm that exclusively funds immigrant entrepreneurs.
  • 4:29pm Sep 05, 2016
    World News World News National Politics & Government

    President Obama Wraps Up G-20 Summit In Hangzhou, China

    President Obama spoke about his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the status of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and the controversial protest by 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, at the conclusion of the Group of 20 summit in China Monday.
  • 4:29pm Sep 05, 2016
    World News World News

    Lithuania Welcomes Migrants, But Few Want To Come

    Like other European Union countries, Lithuania has agreed to take in its quota from refugees from war torn countries. Many residents say they consider it a duty to accept refugees. But some potential migrants have balked at moving to Lithuania. They fear being isolated in a country they've never even heard of.
  • 4:29pm Sep 05, 2016
    World News World News

    G-20 Summit Highlights Step Forward For U.S., China Relations

    China sees the G-20 summit as an important vehicle for increasing its influence, and President Obama's attendance — on his final trip to Asia as president — was an important part of it.