• 2:34pm Jun 07, 2013
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    Cyberspying Expected To Be Discussed At U.S.-China Summit

    The Pentagon recently released a report directly accusing China of using cyberweapons to gain a military advantage with the U.S. The scope of the problem, and the damage done by cyber-espionage, is not clear. But the issue will be on the agenda when President Obama meets China's new president, Xi Jinping, in California on Friday.
  • 2:32pm Jun 07, 2013
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    Sen. McCain Urges U.S. To Do More For Syrian Rebels

    Sen. John McCain, just back from a quick foray to rebel-held territory in Syria, is pushing the Obama administration to do more to help rebels topple Bashar Assad's regime. His call comes as rebels lose ground in their fight, and as skepticism rises about the U.S.-Russian plans for a peace conference.
  • 5:32am Jun 07, 2013
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    California Hosts U.S.-China Summit

    There's significance behind the choice of California as the venue for the U.S.-China summit between presidents Barack Obama and Xi Jinping. The state is home to more than a third of the China-born population in the U.S., and Chinese-backed investment groups have been pouring billions of dollars into real estate property and private companies based in California. At the same time, exports of California goods to China are surging, and state leaders are bullish about capitalizing on new markets there.
  • 12:10pm Jun 06, 2013
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    What Does China's Leader Want From The U.S.?

    Chinese President Xi Jinping says he wants to build a new great power relationship with the United States at this week's summit with President Obama.
  • 6:53am Jun 06, 2013
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    Samantha Power Picked To Take Over For Rice At U.N.

    President Obama has named a former journalist and activist to represent him at the United Nations. If confirmed, Samantha Power will replace Ambassador Susan Rice, who is returning to the White House to become national security adviser. Power's supporters see her as a voice of conscience in the Obama administration, an advocate for humanitarian interventions.
  • 4:06pm Jun 05, 2013
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    After Protests, Evaluating Turkey's Role As A Democracy

    What started as a small sit-in on Friday in Istanbul grew into a massive demonstration against the Turkish government. That government dismissed the demonstrators as extremists. Steven Cook, of the Council on Foreign Relations, talks about Turkey's changing role as a democracy in the region.
  • 9:20am Jun 05, 2013
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    Egyptian Court Verdict Complicates Relations With Washington

    The State Department and several U.S. pro-democracy organizations have reacted strongly to a Cairo court ruling Tuesday. More than 40 foreign and local NGO workers were sentenced to prison for operating without a license. The ruling will likely spur calls in Congress for retaliation.