• Maria Smolnitcaia, 52, is a singer living on a TB ward in Balti, Moldova. Smolnitcaia says "When we take the pills, we feel worse. I'm losing my hearing a little. I feel pain in my bones, in my whole body."
    11:25am Jun 12, 2013
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    Faces Of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

    New types of tuberculosis are emerging around the world that take years and thousands of dollars to cure. Patients fighting this disease are often isolated from their communities and suffer devastating drug side effects, such as permanent hearing loss and dizziness.
  • The small, hillside community of Babilonia, situated above the Leme and Copacabana neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro, has ocean views.
    Lianne Milton for NPR
    5:38pm Jun 10, 2013
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    Once Unsafe, Rio's Shantytowns See Rapid Gentrification

    First came the day trips for foreigner tourists to the shantytowns. Now, young Westerners are living in formerly no-go areas — with yoga classes and sushi restaurants following. Business is booming in Rio de Janeiro's favelas, but some residents complain they're being priced out of the market.
  • 7:08am Jun 10, 2013
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    Confessed NSA Leaker Holed Up In Hong Kong Hotel

    The Guardian has identified its source for a series of reports it published in recent days on secret U.S. surveillance activity. The paper says the source is Edward Snowden, a former technical assistant for the CIA who now works for a private-sector defense and technology consulting firm.
  • 6:36pm Jun 09, 2013
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    Britain Apologizes For Colonial-Era Torture Of Kenyan Rebels

    The historic apology — and the unprecedented settlement — has been years in the making. A Harvard graduate student helped bring about the settlement for the surviving Mau Mau victims of torture and abuse at the hands of the British.
  • 8:32am Jun 09, 2013
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    Looking Ahead To The Future Of Syria's Crisis

    To date, the civil war in Syria has claimed tens of thousands of lives and, according U.N. estimates, has caused more than a million refugees to flee to neighboring countries. As part of TOTN's "Looking Ahead" series, NPR foreign correspondent Deb Amos discusses where the conflict may go.
  • 5:39am Jun 09, 2013
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    NSA Scandal Looms Over Obama's Talks With China's Xi

    The goal of the meeting between President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping is for the leaders of the world's largest economies to find common ground and build trust. But the summit threatens to be overshadowed by revelations about secret NSA surveillance programs.
  • 2:34pm Jun 07, 2013
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    Cyberspying Expected To Be Discussed At U.S.-China Summit

    The Pentagon recently released a report directly accusing China of using cyberweapons to gain a military advantage with the U.S. The scope of the problem, and the damage done by cyber-espionage, is not clear. But the issue will be on the agenda when President Obama meets China's new president, Xi Jinping, in California on Friday.