• 7:21pm Dec 05, 2014
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    In New York, Video Chat Trumps Quarantine To Combat TB

    Ebola isn't the first dangerous microbe to spur calls for quarantine in American cities. But as New York City's experience with drug-resistant tuberculosis suggests, isolation isn't always best.
  • Maria Smolnitcaia, 52, is a singer living on a TB ward in Balti, Moldova. Smolnitcaia says "When we take the pills, we feel worse. I'm losing my hearing a little. I feel pain in my bones, in my whole body."
    11:25am Jun 12, 2013
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    Faces Of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

    New types of tuberculosis are emerging around the world that take years and thousands of dollars to cure. Patients fighting this disease are often isolated from their communities and suffer devastating drug side effects, such as permanent hearing loss and dizziness.
  • Oxana and Pavel Rucsineanu walk to the tuberculosis hospital in Balti, Moldova. Oxana and their new baby live in an apartment, but Pavel still has to stay at the TB ward, fighting for his life.
    Jason Beaubien / NPR
    10:33am Jun 04, 2013
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    Love In The Time Of TB: A Young Family Fights An Ancient Foe

    Oxana and Pavel Rucsineanu fell in love while living in a Moldovan hospital's tuberculosis ward. Now, several years later, Oxana has recovered, and she and the couple's new baby live in an apartment. But Pavel's infection has evolved into a deadly form of TB, which keeps him from joining his new son and wife.
  • Michelle Williams (center) and two daughters visit the grave of her mother, Judy Williams, at Fairview Cemetery in Hyde Park, Mass., on May 11. Judy died in 2011.
    Ellen Webber for NPR
    9:10am Jun 04, 2013
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    A Boston Family's Struggle With TB Reveals A Stubborn Foe

    Tuberculosis is much less of a health threat in the United States than it is in other countries. But a family in Boston discovered that even here, no one is immune from this ancient foe. More than a dozen family members were infected with TB, and matriarch Judy Williams died at age 59.