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  • 1:43pm Dec 16, 2012
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    Small Town Tries To Cope With Unimaginable Tragedy

    Newtown, Conn., is the kind of place where the biggest thing that happens is the Labor Day parade. Now, that peace has been shattered and residents are trying to make sense of what happened after a gunman opened fire in an elementary school, killing at least 20 children and six adults.
  • Eden Full took time off from her studies at Princeton University to work on her startup full time, after being selected for the inaugural class of the 20 Under 20 Thiel Fellowship.
    Della Rollins
    10:44am Dec 13, 2012
    National National Environment Education

    Who Needs College? Young Entrepreneuer Bets On Bright Idea For Solar Energy

    Eden Full dropped out of Princeton to found a startup company that brings the solar panel technology she invented to developing countries as part of a fellowship. The unusual program, funded by tech entrepreneur Peter Thiel, gives young people $100,000 to skip college and focus on their work and research instead.
  • Jenny Adams in the Wayland Bar in Alphabet City, where she stored piles of relief supplies to distribute. Adams raised $10,000 through a crowdfunding website to help her neighbors affected by Hurricane Sandy.
    Alex Goldmark / NPR
    7:40pm Dec 10, 2012
    National National Economy

    Everyone Chip In, Please: Crowdfunding Sandy

    Crowdfunding is a simple way for anyone to ask for money online from friends, family and even strangers. One woman raised $10,000 to help her neighbors affected by Hurricane Sandy. She's been hand-delivering checks to owners of damaged businesses and people who just need the extra lift.
  • 11:50pm Dec 07, 2012
    National National Politics & Government

    Supreme Court Takes Up Same-Sex-Marriage Cases

    The U.S. Supreme Court announced Friday that for the first time it will tackle the issue of same-sex marriage. Defying most expectations, the justices said they will examine two cases, presenting the possibility that the court could decide all the basic issues surrounding gay marriage in one fell swoop.
  • When researchers looked at the genetic sequences of 179 individuals, they found far more defects in the patterns of As, Ts, Gs, and Cs than they expected.
    10:19pm Dec 06, 2012
    Science Science Health & Safety

    Perfection Is Skin Deep: Everyone Has Flawed Genes

    Researchers found a surprising number of mutations, including several associated with disease, in the genes of normal healthy people. Their study raises questions about whether widespread genetic sequencing could end up scaring people for no good reason.
  • 8:25pm Dec 05, 2012
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    Texas Twang Fixin' To Ride Off Into The Sunset

    The way Texans speak, from using words like "y'all" to that old Texas twang, is iconic in American culture. But linguists say the twang is fading — and that, in a few decades, "talking Texan" may sound quite different than it does today.
  • The $100 guitar proves once again that it's not just the instrument, it's what you do with it.
    Courtesy of The $100 Guitar Project
    8:20pm Dec 04, 2012
    Music & Culture Music & Culture

    A $100 Guitar Makes A 30,000-Mile Odyssey

    The $100 Guitar Project started when two friends bought a cheap guitar on a whim. They invited some other friends to compose and record an original piece on the instrument. Nels Cline, Fred Frith and Elliott Sharp are among the 65 guitarists who recorded for the project that went viral.