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  • Window Dressing: Tony Stark's ongoing Iron Man research involves more than one suit of self-assembling armor.
    6:07pm May 02, 2013
    Arts Arts

    In 'Iron Man 3,' A Metalhead Gets The Blues

    Wiseacre billionaire Tony Stark, uncharacteristically anxious since the events of 2012's The Avengers, must face down a domestic terrorist without backup from his buddies in the latest installment of the Marvel franchise.
  • 2:25pm May 01, 2013
    Politics & Government Politics & Government

    The Strategy Of Putting Politics On TV

    The last couple of years have seen a proliferation of politically-themed television, including Scandal, Veep and House of Cards. Reporter, columnist and TV analyst Jonathan Alter talks about his new political satire Alpha House, and what's changed in how entertainment television does politics.
  • New episodes of All My Children will be airing on Hulu starting Monday.
    3:15pm Apr 29, 2013
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    Two Daytime Soaps Return, But Will Fans Follow Online?

    When ABC canceled the daytime soaps All My Children and One Life to Live in 2011, millions of fans suddenly found themselves left without their daily guilty pleasure. Both shows are relaunching Monday, but they won't be on any TV channel — the soaps are going online.
  • 6:38pm Apr 28, 2013
    Health & Safety Health & Safety

    Anti-Drug PSAs: Do They Work?

    The U.S. has spent millions of dollars since the 1980s on anti-drug ads. But research shows that some of these older public service announcements might be counterproductive. Now that the ads are shifting to reach teens who want to rebel, new studies show they may actually be more effective.
  • Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner was also a writer and producer on The Sopranos for a time.
    Michael Yarish / AMC
    1:37pm Apr 25, 2013
    Arts Arts

    Matthew Weiner On 'Mad Men' And Meaning

    The creator of the acclaimed AMC series talks about his protagonist — Don Draper — as an aging existentialist looking for meaning in a chaotic world. He says the show's sixth season, set in 1968, is situated in that historical moment for a reason: to reflect a traumatic passage in Don's life.
  • Panels from Action Comics No. 1, the first Superman comic, adorn the site of illustrator Joe Shuster's former apartment building, long since demolished.
    Brian Bull/WCPN
    1:39pm Apr 18, 2013
    National National Arts

    Cleveland Celebrates Superman, Its Hometown Hero

    Most people think of Superman as a native of Krypton, or perhaps the rural Kansas village of Smallville. Not so fast, say Clevelanders. The creators of the Man of Steel grew up in the city that steel built, and this year, Cleveland is pulling out all the stops for the superhero's 75th birthday.