Charli XCX and Lorde sure did make the internet go crazy

The internet freaked out when Charli XCX and Lorde revealed - and put to rest - their pop girl rivalry on Charli's "Girl, so confusing" remix. That same day, Brandy and Monica seemed to settle their decades long feud when they appeared on the remix of Ariana Grande's version of "The Boy is Mine." But while the pop girls are healing, a lot of fans still seem to want blood - can this music heal us? To break it all down, Brittany is joined by NPR Music Editor Hazel Cills, and Pop Pantheon podcast host, DJ Louie XIV.

Then, AMC's Interview with the Vampire is back for a second season and so Brittany revisits her conversation with the star of the show, Jacob Anderson. But first, Brittany sits down with Black vampire aficionado, Kendra R. Parker to help understand what these monsters say about our fears and desires.

8 pieces of life advice from dads

To honor the dads in our lives for Father's Day, we're sharing some of the best life advice our listeners ever got from their dads.

You think you know true crime podcasts? Wait till you hear Tonya's story.

When a daughter or sister disappears how does a family move on without closure? Host Brittany Luse is joined by Fresh Air co-host Tonya Mosley and and her nephew Antonio Wiley. The two produced She Has A Name, a documentary podcast that unravels the disappearance and death of Tonya's half-sister, Anita Wiley. Brittany, Tonya, and Antonio get into how Anita went missing, and how their show breaks the stereotypes of true crime podcasting.

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