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  • 8:47am Mar 10, 2013
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    When Insects Go Biblical: Swarms Head Toward Israel

    A plague of locusts has recently moved from the Sinai Peninsula into southern Israel. Host Scott Simon talks with NPR's Larry Abramson about the swarms that have arrived just a few weeks ahead of the Passover holiday.
  • The Syrian "Dead City" of Shanshrah, in northern Idlib province. A U.N. World Heritage site, the Dead Cities of northern Syria date back to the first to fifth centuries.
    Kelly McEvers / NPR
    10:41pm Mar 08, 2013
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    Displaced Syrians Bring Life To Ancient 'Dead Cities'

    Millions of Syrians who have fled their homes are finding refuge in unimaginable places. In the northern province of Idlib, displaced Syrians have found shelter in ancient archaeological ruins that until recently were frozen in time. In some cases, the living share space with the dead.
  • 8:44pm Mar 06, 2013
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    John Kerry, A 'Recovering Politician,' Settles Into Diplomatic Role

    John Kerry's first trip as secretary of state took him to Europe — where he spent time growing up as the son of a diplomat. Kerry, who also had stops in the Middle East, says he can't speak as freely now as when he was a senator.
  • 6:20pm Mar 05, 2013
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    Kerry: We're Trying To Offer Syrian President A Rational Choice

    Secretary of State John Kerry is wrapping up his first official overseas trip to Europe and the Middle East. He's shifted U.S. policy on Syria, offering direct assistance to the opposition coalition and non-lethal aid to fighters. He's also offered Egypt's Islamist government $190 million to avert a budget crisis and he's warning Iran that talks can't go on indefinitely.
  • 8:46am Mar 03, 2013
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    With Syria In Shambles, The Uncertain Future Of Hezbollah

    Syria is one of the most important backers of the powerful Lebanese militant group Hezbollah. If the Assad regime falls, Hezbollah will face an uncertain future. New Yorker staff writer Dexter Filkins discusses what shifts in Syria could mean for the future of the Middle East.
  • 5:57pm Feb 27, 2013
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    U.S. Plans To Offer More Direct Aid To Syrian Rebels

    Secretary of State Kerry is in Rome for a meeting on Thursday with the leaders of Syria's opposition coalition. Ahead of the session, there are indications the U.S. is prepared to provide some direct aid to the coalition, including military hardware such as body armor and armored vehicles. The European Union is discussing similar aid.