• 3:24pm Mar 14, 2013
    National National Books Arts

    Jake Tapper Takes A Host Chair At CNN

    The veteran reporter has recently moved from ABC News to CNN where he now hosts his own show and serves as Chief Washington Correspondent. In Part II of this interview, Tapper talks about fact-checking the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and blow back from the White House after asking tough questions.
  • Researchers found that exposure to uncivil comments can polarize opinion on news issues.
    5:56pm Mar 12, 2013
    Science Science

    The 'Nasty Effect': How Comments Color Comprehension

    At its best, the Web is a place for unlimited exchange of ideas. But the uncivil discourse that unfolds in comments sections can be poisonous. A study in the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication suggests that rude comments on articles can change the way we interpret the news.
  • 2:52pm Feb 25, 2013
    World News World News Sports National

    The Media Frenzy Surrounding Oscar Pistorius

    South African Olympian Oscar Pistorius is accused of murdering his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, in their Pretoria home. The trial has set off a media frenzy and the coverage varies widely around the globe and in sports publications.
  • 1:19pm Feb 25, 2013

    Electric Car Review Dust-Up May Put Brakes On Tesla Profits

    After The New York Times published a scathing review of Tesla's Model S electric car, the automaker's CEO took to Twitter to slam the reporter. Disputed facts aside, the timing of the spat could hurt Tesla, which is under pressure to improve its financial performance.
  • Despite its dark themes (slavery and the Civil War are hardly feel-good topics), Lincoln, like other Oscar nominees, has done very well at the box office. Disney has spent about $10 million campaigning for the best-picture prize, hoping for a payoff down
    6:47pm Feb 22, 2013
    Arts Arts

    Despite Dark Themes, A Big Oscar Bounce

    At the Oscar ceremony on Sunday night, there'll be lots of talk about excellence — the movie industry honoring its own. But as NPR's Bob Mondello notes, there has always been another side to the Oscars: money.
  • 10:26am Feb 22, 2013

    CNBC Adopts Tougher Tactic In Booking Wars

    CNBC is far and away the ratings leader in the financial cable news business — and its executives, producers and reporters are working hard to keep it that way. They're telling some guests they can't appear on rival channels amid breaking news.
  • 12:28pm Feb 08, 2013

    'Onion' Photo Pokes Fun At Outgoing Energy Secretary

    It's a fake story from The Onion with a doctored photo showing Energy Secretary Steven Chu in bed with a solar panel. Chu played along. On Facebook, he said he wouldn't confirm or deny the charges, but clarified his stepping down is unrelated.
  • Jimmy Cliff in a Volkswagen "Get Happy" commercial.
    Deutsch LA
    7:17pm Feb 01, 2013
    Sports Sports Arts

    For Super Bowl Ads, More Social-Media Savvy

    For years, Super Bowl ads have gone viral after they've aired. But these days brands like Doritos and Volkswagen are turning to social media to crowdsource ad creation — and to boost the buzz long before the big Sunday kickoff.
  • NS Newsflash
    7:30am Feb 01, 2013
    Economy Economy

    BH Media Group Buys News & Record

      Media ownership in the Triad became a little less diverse this week, as Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Media Group announced a deal to buy the Greensboro News & Record.