• 11:42am Jan 01, 2014

    3 NPR Correspondents Change Beats

    As the new year begins, a few of the familiar voices you hear on NPR will be coming from different places. Call it our own version of musical chairs. Morning Edition co-host David Greene checks in with Ari Shapiro, Philip Reeves and Tamara Keith, who will be covering different beats.
  • 7:42am Dec 30, 2013

    TV Prank Reveals News Media Shortcoming

    ABC late-night host Jimmy Kimmel's fake twerking video not only made thousand of people believe a woman accidentally set herself on fire by twerking upside down, it fooled loads of news outlets into playing the fraudulent clip as if it were real. In one swoop, Kimmel uncovered how reliant many news programs are on found material they cannot or do not verify.
  • 11:13am Dec 20, 2013

    We Say Goodbye To Some NPR Colleagues

    Morning Edition wishes news anchors Jean Cochran and Paul Brown well. A number of our coworkers took the chance to accept voluntary buyouts as NPR changes. Leaving the Morning Edition staff are: Anne Hawke, Jim Wildman and Steve Munro.
  • 6:03pm Dec 15, 2013
    National National

    In Press-Rights Battle, Reporter Says Accountability's At Risk

    The Justice Department is trying to compel New York Times journalist James Risen to testify in the case of a former CIA official who may or may not have leaked classified information to him. The case calls into question the limits of the First Amendment's guarantee of freedom of the press.
  • The latest publication of the literary journal The American Reader is its anniversary edition.
    The American Reader
    5:29pm Nov 16, 2013
    National National

    Publishing Magazines For An 'Ambidextrous' Generation

    The American Reader is a year old. The monthly literary journal is online and in print, but co-founder Uzoamaka Maduka says "it's all one magazine." The publication's staff has faith that readers want "deeper engagement" and strong editing, and they're hoping the free online content will entice their audience to pay for more.
  • 4:21am Oct 14, 2013
    World News World News

    Readers Lament 'International Herald Tribune' Name Change

    Starting Tuesday, American expats throughout Europe will pick up their The International Herald Tribune to discover it has been renamed, The International New York Times. Many longtime readers say they'll feel a great loss.
  • A zoo in central China's Henan province swapped a dog — a Tibetan mastiff like the one shown here — for a lion, in another story that recently swept Chinese cyberspace.
    Ed Jones / AFP/Getty Images
    5:47pm Oct 09, 2013
    World News World News Arts

    Too Weird To Be True? In China, You Never Can Tell

    Foreign news coverage of China is often deadly serious: corruption, pollution and the like. Then there's the funny and bizarre that often goes viral — like the zoo that swapped a dog for a lion. A number of websites are making these offbeat and satirical tales increasingly available in English.