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Research Being Done To Counter The Effects Of Aging



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The process of aging affects everyone, whether it be ourselves or the people we love. Some of us age in good health, while others can succumb to a variety of health problems, the most frightening of which can be the loss of brain function. This week, we speak with Dr. Stephen Kritchevsky, the Director of the Sticht Center on Aging at the Wake Forest School of Medicine, here in Winston Salem, where research is being done to understand and counter the effects of the aging process.

Adding Life To Your Years...

Dr. Molina will be speaking about Bioenergetics and Healthy Aging at the next Science Cafe, hosted by the River Ridge Taphouse in Clemmons. This free event is on April 8th and is sponsored by SciWorks and Reynolda Gardens. Click here for more details.

The fountain of youth has been an unattainable part of the human ethos for a long, long time. Who wouldn't want to stay young forever? That may never be a reality, but something like it may.

The work we do at the Sticht center of aging isn't really about extending life-span, but extending something that people have been calling health-span. We're adding life to years instead of adding years to life.