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  • 5:23am Jun 11, 2013
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    Feds Buckle On Emergency Contraception Age Restrictions

    The administration had been trying to appeal a judge's ruling to make the morning-after birth control pill available over the counter with no age restrictions. The Justice Department said it would obey the order — sort of. The FDA may soon approve the over-the-counter sale of Plan B One Step without a prescription.
  • 3:13pm Jun 10, 2013
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    The Promise In Unraveling The Mysteries Of Rare Diseases

    As a child, Jeannie Peeper was diagnosed with fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva, an extremely rare disease that causes a second skeleton to grow inside the body. Peeper and science writer Carl Zimmer discuss the efforts of a small group to fund research to battle the disease.
  • Michelle Williams (center) and two daughters visit the grave of her mother, Judy Williams, at Fairview Cemetery in Hyde Park, Mass., on May 11. Judy died in 2011.
    Ellen Webber for NPR
    9:10am Jun 04, 2013
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    A Boston Family's Struggle With TB Reveals A Stubborn Foe

    Tuberculosis is much less of a health threat in the United States than it is in other countries. But a family in Boston discovered that even here, no one is immune from this ancient foe. More than a dozen family members were infected with TB, and matriarch Judy Williams died at age 59.
  • A construction worker paints walls at the Maryland Proton Treatment Center in Baltimore. Each of the center's five rooms will contain a massive piece of equipment that will rotate around a cancer patient to deliver a special kind of radiation.
    Jenny Gold / Kaiser Health News
    10:41am Jun 03, 2013
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    Proton Beam Therapy Sparks Hospital Arms Race

    Local officials in Washington D.C., are on the verge of approving two high-tech radiation facilities for treating cancer at a total cost of $153 million. The treatment these hospitals would offer costs twice as much as standard radiation, but hasn't been shown to work any better for most cancers.
  • 2:10pm May 30, 2013
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    Hospital Reviews, Take Them With A Grain Of Salt

    Online reviews can come in handy when choosing a restaurant, but when it comes to picking a hospital, ratings and anecdotal reports can be misleading. Dr. Richard Gunderman explains how to sort through reviews and ratings to find the right hospital for you.
  • 7:18pm May 29, 2013
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    Health Law Spared Young Adults From High Hospital Bills

    Young adults insured under their parents' plans were shielded from the potentially catastrophic cost of a medical emergency, a review of hospital records found. Researchers say $147 million in hospital bills were charged to insurers rather than the patients in 2011.
  • Going to the doctor may be uncomfortable for people who are worried about weight.
    8:08am May 28, 2013
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    Overweight People Are More Apt To Ditch Doctors

    People who are overweight or obese are much more likely to switch doctors, a study finds. That may be because doctors aren't helping them address weight issues. It may compromise their medical care, because of lack of continuity and preventive medicine.