• The butter sculpture will be dumped into this pit of rotting fruit and vegetables on the Reinford family's farm. Then, all that food will get ground up and put into the farm's methane digester.
    Scott Detrow / NPR
    9:49pm Jan 11, 2013
    Science Science Environment

    This Butter Sculpture Could Power A Farm For 3 Days

    The biggest attraction at the annual Farm Show in Harrisburg, Pa., is always a giant, 1,000-pound sculpture crafted from butter. Once this year's show wraps up, all that beautiful butter will go right into a manure pit to become methane gas.
  • 1:03pm Jan 11, 2013
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    Simulating The Red Planet, On The Pale Blue Dot

    What's it like to live--and cook--on Mars? To find out, researchers are simulating Mars missions in Russia, and on the slopes of a Hawaiian volcano. Kim Binsted talks about her study to whip up tastier space food. Porcini mushroom risotto, anyone? And sleep expert Charles Czeisler talks about how humans adapt to the 24.65-hour Martian day.
  • The expiration date on foods like orange juice and even milk aren't indicators of when those products will go bad.
    8:57am Jan 02, 2013
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    Don't Fear That Expired Food

    When food passes its sell-by date, it's swept from the supermarket shelf. But that doesn't mean it's not safe to eat. Taste and smell are usually better indicators of a food's safety. And some items, like canned foods, can even last years or decades after their expiration date.
  • Kathy Del Tonto (far right) participates in a class that teaches school cafeteria workers how to prepare meals from scratch.
    LiveWell Colorado
    6:02pm Dec 28, 2012
    National National Health & Safety

    One Lunch Lady's Cafeteria Conversion

    "If it's not me, who's it going to be?" asks Colorado school cafeteria manager Kathy Del Tonto. After serving processed foods in her cafeterias for years, she realized that reducing childhood obesity can begin with her. She now has the lunch ladies making 95 percent of meals from scratch.
  • 1:03pm Dec 28, 2012
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    'Consider the Fork' Chronicles Evolution of Eating

    Did you know that the human overbite may have evolved after people began using forks and knives? In Consider the Fork, author Bee Wilson traces how kitchen tools--from knives to pots to gas stoves--have changed over time, and how they have influenced what, and how, we eat.
  • 4:26pm Dec 25, 2012

    The Bittersweet Tale Of An Odd Christmas Cookie Sandwich

    When we asked listeners to tell us what they ate on Christmas Day, we found a lot of commonality — puddings, cookies, egg nog — and a few quirks, including a drink called a "Holiday Harvey," and an odd Christmas Day sandwich made of biscuits, salami, cookies, and butter.
  • William Knoedelseder spent 12 years as an investigative reporter at the Los Angeles Times. He lives in Woodland Hills, Calif.
    Courtesy of HarperBusiness
    9:05am Dec 24, 2012
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    The 'Bitter' Tale Of The Budweiser Family

    That trademark brew, Budweiser, is known to the world as the "King of Beers," and the Busch family was once considered practically royalty. Their early success led to a reign that lasted 150 years, but the end, when it came, wasn't so glorious.