• 7:15pm Feb 14, 2013
    National National Economy

    Taxpayers Steaming Over Florida Nuclear Plant's Shuttering

    The Crystal River nuclear plant was a driver of commercial life in rural Citrus County, Fla. The power company's decision to close the troubled plant will leave taxpayers and ratepayers on the hook for up to several billion dollars and has residents worried about their region's future.
  • The reactor room at Babcock & Wilcox's prototype reactor outside Lynchburg, Va. The reactor vessel is behind the orange curtain.
    Ben Bradford / WFAE
    12:15pm Feb 04, 2013
    National National Science

    Are Mini-Reactors The Future Of Nuclear Power?

    The prefabricated nuclear reactors, which would be small enough to build in a factory and ship on trucks, would generate about one-tenth the power of a typical nuclear power plant. It's potentially a growth opportunity for American industry, but critics say the reactors carry a host of safety, security, environmental and economic concerns.
  • 5:06pm Jan 24, 2013

    Will Obama Administration Clear Keystone XL Pipeline?

    Now that Nebraska's governor has approved a new route for the Keystone XL oil pipeline, it'll be up to President Obama to decide whether the controversial project will move forward. The State Department is expected to complete an environmental review in coming months.
  • The Big Sandy Power Plant, 4 miles north of Louisa, is the biggest industry in Lawrence County. Local residents blame President Obama's environmental policies for the company's plans to close the plant in 2015.
    Noah Adams / NPR
    8:22pm Jan 21, 2013
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    In Kentucky's Coal Country, A Resentment For Obama

    If the voters in Louisa, Ky., had their wish, Mitt Romney would have taken the oath of office Monday. The local coal-fired power plant is due to close amid a push for cleaner-burning plants. Local residents blame Obama for the pending job losses.
  • The butter sculpture will be dumped into this pit of rotting fruit and vegetables on the Reinford family's farm. Then, all that food will get ground up and put into the farm's methane digester.
    Scott Detrow / NPR
    9:49pm Jan 11, 2013
    Science Science Environment

    This Butter Sculpture Could Power A Farm For 3 Days

    The biggest attraction at the annual Farm Show in Harrisburg, Pa., is always a giant, 1,000-pound sculpture crafted from butter. Once this year's show wraps up, all that beautiful butter will go right into a manure pit to become methane gas.
  • 6:06am Jan 08, 2013
    Science Science Environment

    Drilling Rig's Thick Hull Helps Prevent Oil Spill

    A Shell Oil drilling rig has been pulled of the rocks, where it washed up a week ago during a storm. It has been towed to a bay where divers will inspect it for damage. The incident raises questions about the oil company's controversial plans to continue exploring for oil in the Arctic Ocean this summer.
  • 6:10pm Jan 03, 2013
    National National Science Politics & Government

    Wind Industry Secures Tax Credit, But Damage May Be Done

    Uncertainty over the credit had lingered for a while, causing the industry to put off long-term planning. So while the now-approved tax credit revives prospects for an industry facing tens of thousands of layoffs, don't expect to see many new turbines coming up soon.
  • 5:55pm Dec 30, 2012
    National National Environment

    2013: A Tipping Year For Climate Change?

    This year's weather will be one for the record books; 2012 is slated to be the hottest summer on record. "We've already passed all kinds of tipping points," environmentalist Bill McKibben says. He's wondering if President Obama will take a different approach to climate change in the coming year.
  • 11:37am Dec 20, 2012

    Coal Mining Museum Welcomes Solar Panels

    The Big Pit National Coal Mining Museum, a former mine in Wales, celebrates the fossil fuel that sparked the industrial revolution. Now it's embracing solar energy. Renewable Energy World reports 200 newly installed solar panels could save the property as much as $650,000 over 25 years on power.