• 12:38pm Jul 09, 2013
    National National Education

    New Housing Project In Philadelphia Aims To Attract Teachers

    Budget cuts and layoffs are hitting teachers in Philadelphia. But the city and a local developer are hoping to offer some relief: a housing project designed for them. At a similar project in Baltimore, having fellow teachers as neighbors brings support and camaraderie after a tough day at work.
  • 2:02pm Jul 08, 2013
    Politics & Government Politics & Government Education

    Congress Called On To Reverse Student Loan Rate Increase

    Rates on federally subsidized Stafford loans, which help low and middle-income college students, doubled on July 1. There is now pressure for a deal to undo the increase. NPR's David Greene talks to Matthew Chingos, a fellow at the Brookings Institution's Brown Center on Education Policy.
  • 11:17am Jun 21, 2013
    Science Science Education

    Goodnight Moon, Goodnight Math

    Should you skip the bedtime stories and do math problems instead? Laura Overdeck, the founder of "Bedtime Math," thinks so. Overdeck discusses her program for tucking kids in with equations, and tells why she thinks it helps kids keep up their math skills over summer vacation.
  • 4:16pm Jun 20, 2013
    Education Education

    After Latest Gaffes, OSU President Gee To Retire

    President of Ohio State University Gordon Gee, 69, is retiring. The announcement comes a week after a recording surfaced of comments he made about Catholics and Southerners that some found offensive. Gee has apologized for his recent remarks, which were reportedly intended as jokes.
  • 6:42pm Jun 18, 2013
    Sports Sports National Education

    Home-Schooled Students Fight To Play On Public School Teams

    Roughly half of U.S. states have passed laws making home-schooled students eligible to play for their local school teams. But in Indiana, an attempt to find a middle ground hasn't calmed the debate.
  • 7:36pm Jun 13, 2013
    National National Economy Education

    Unpaid No More: Interns Win Major Court Battle

    A federal ruling against a major movie studio's use of unpaid interns could have a wide impact on uncompensated labor, including internships for college credit. Workers' advocates say many interns are preventing workers who can't afford to work free from entering the labor force.
  • Jasmine Chestnut at her internship at the Center for American Progress in Washington. An at-risk student, Chestnut had almost given up on college when a nonprofit network supported by the government's Social Innovation Fund helped her get back on track.
    Gabriella Demczuk / NPR
    6:20pm Jun 11, 2013
    National National Politics & Government Education

    Can Federal Funds Help Social Service Groups Work Smarter?

    The Obama administration's Social Innovation Fund has spent millions to help scores of nonprofits develop innovative solutions to pressing social problems. While participating groups say they're helping thousands of people, it's not yet clear what the government is getting for its money.
  • 9:52am Jun 05, 2013
    Economy Economy Education

    Job Market Remains Challenging For 2013 Graduates

    For the past five years, graduation day has been a time of apprehension as much as celebration. Prospects for those entering the workforce for the first time were bleak. The class of 2013 — whether from high school or college — has cause for more optimism than previous classes.