• A large, empty classroom.
    7:19pm Sep 26, 2013
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    College Board 'Concerned' About Low SAT Scores

    Roughly 6 in 10 college-bound high school students who took the SAT in 2013 performed poorly. The sponsor of the test wants to work with schools to help students do better, but some say the group is really concerned with trying to keep the test relevant.
  • The Common Core Standards establish academic expectations across states in math and English language arts.
    2:51pm Sep 23, 2013
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    In Push For 'Common' Standards, Many Parents Left Uneducated

    The Common Core initiative would standardize academic goals nationwide. Forty-five states have signed on, but lawmakers in some states are rethinking their support. While both sides are stepping up their messaging, a poll out this month shows 62 percent of Americans have never heard of Common Core.
  • Fourth year Tulane medical school student Neha Solanki (far right) preps a Greek frittata during a class at Johnson & Wales.
    Kristin Gourlay / RIPR
    9:26am Sep 19, 2013
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    Just What The Doctor Ordered: Med Students Team With Chefs

    Tulane medical students are trading in their scrubs for chefs whites. They've teamed up with culinary students at Johnson & Wales University as part of an innovative new program designed to teach both groups how good nutrition can help stave off lifestyle diseases.
  • Judy Bonner, the University of Alabama's new president, when the school's championship football team visited the White House on April 19, 2012.
    Mike Theiler / UPI /Landov
    8:48pm Sep 18, 2013
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    University Of Alabama Moves To Integrate Greek System

    White sorority members told the school's student newspaper they wanted to recruit at least two black candidates, but their names were removed before members could vote on them. University President Judy Bonner has ordered sororities to use an open bidding process, which allows them to add new members at any time.
  • 4:49am Sep 18, 2013
    Economy Economy Education

    Should It Take 2 Or 3 Years To Earn A Law Degree?

    President Obama, a Harvard Law grad and former law professor, has suggested that students can learn all they need to take the bar exam in two years. That would save them tens of thousands of dollars. But it would also cost law schools millions of dollars in tuition revenue.
  • Security experts say the U.S. is ill-prepared to respond to cyberthreats. A new high school curriculum in Alabama aims to attract more young people to the field.
    6:50pm Sep 11, 2013
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    Army Looks To Schools To Find The Next Cyberwarriors

    Security experts say the U.S. has a dearth of professionals qualified to take on cyberthreats like attacks on power grids or defense systems. A school district in Alabama and the U.S. Army Cyber Command have teamed up to help prepare a new generation for cyberwarfare careers.
  • Lila Hillman is starting her first year as principal at Milwaukee Parkside School for the Arts in Wisconsin. Nearly one-fifth of the city's public schools have new principals this year.
    Erin Toner / WUWM
    12:06pm Sep 11, 2013
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    School Districts Struggle To Get Principals To Stay Put

    As the school year begins, many principals are leading their schools for the first time. Keeping principals is a problem in many schools, and high-poverty, urban districts often have particularly high rates of turnover. Some experts say that revolving door can hurt student achievement.
  • 7:54am Sep 11, 2013
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    Getting College Credit For What You Already Know

    The University of Wisconsin System will soon offer a new option for working adults who want to complete their bachelor's degree. Under the Flexible Option, students can earn credits and a degree, by proving they've mastered competencies. The Flex Option is aimed at helping more than 700,000 residents who have college credit but no degree, and adults who don't have time to attend classes.
  • 8:39pm Sep 07, 2013
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    New School Year Brings Sequestration Pain For Many Districts

    As the nation's public schools reopen this fall, many are facing budget deficits and scarce money due to sequestration. Experts say districts with large numbers of poor students are hit the hardest.
  • 10:06am Sep 01, 2013
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    What Makes The 'Smartest Kids In The World'?

    Compared to the rest of the world, American schools don't stack up like they used to. But what's the best way to educate children? Author Amanda Ripley followed students and teachers across the globe to find out for her new book, The Smartest Kids in the World: And How They Got That Way.
  • 5:17am Aug 27, 2013
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    Thousands Of Striking Teachers Disrupt Mexico City

    The teachers are protesting education changes that would institute evaluations and reduce the power of unions in hiring educators. It's common practice for teachers in Mexico to buy and sell tenured positions. The protests in Mexico City have caused traffic mayhem, and at one point blocked access to the international airport.