• Third-grader Kassim West last July at Walter G. Smith Elementary School, one of more than 20 Philadelphia public schools that closed at the end of the school year.
    Matt Stanley for NPR
    8:58am Nov 22, 2013
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    Kids Pay The Price In Fight Over Fixing Philadelphia Schools

    One of the nation's largest school systems has been pushed to the brink of insolvency. Not long ago, Philadelphia was touted as a "laboratory of innovation," a promising model for urban public education. But something went wrong. So who is responsible for the district's descent into academic and financial ruin?
  • In 1973, Ray Litt and a group of Detroiters went to court in an attempt to force the state to desegregate the city's schools.
    1:46pm Nov 19, 2013
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    How Court's Bus Ruling Sealed Differences In Detroit Schools

    It's been 40 years since the Supreme Court accepted what became a landmark case about school desegregation. The case was controversial because it involved busing students between a largely African-American city — Detroit — and its white suburban areas.
  • C.J. Forza, a student in the I-BEST program in Washington state, repairs a car for class at Shoreline Community College.
    Kavitha Cardoza / WAMU
    3:34pm Nov 06, 2013
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    How To Turn Adult Education Into Careers, Quickly

    A typical adult education program can take years for those who dropped out of high school. But a model that started in Washington state shortens that time and uses a combination of team teaching, internships and extra support to boost student skills and get them into the workforce.
  • Millions of adults who grew up speaking a language other than English are still held back by their language skills.
    3:33pm Nov 06, 2013
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    What It Takes (And Means) To Learn English As An Adult

    The wait to gain entry to adult English-language classes can be long. Once you're in, balancing class with family and job obligations can be a challenge. But many immigrants are determined. Ana Perez says she tries to never miss a class: "A day of studying is sacred for me."
  • Students walk by Founders Library on Howard University campus in Washington, D.C.
    Meredith Rizzo / NPR
    5:12pm Nov 05, 2013
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    Amid A Rough Patch, Howard University Faces Flagging Morale

    Howard University has seen its share of troubles lately. Faculty recently expressed their frustration with the school's Board of Trustees with a "no-confidence" vote, weeks after the university's president announced a surprise early retirement and Moody's downgraded the school's credit rating. But school administrators remain confident in the school's future.
  • Palo Alto middle school student Jennifer Munoz Tello (right) stands outside her family's trailer in Palo Alto with her mother, Sandra, and 2-year-old sister, Cynthia.
    Eric Westervelt / NPR
    10:12am Oct 28, 2013
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    Silicon Valley Trailer Park Residents Fight To Stay

    Amid skyrocketing real estate and rental prices, low-income families are fighting to stay put in order to access world-class public schools. One group of families battling the closure of Palo Alto's last mobile home park is getting help from a local PTA that values diversity.
  • 10:12am Oct 28, 2013
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    Supreme Court Returns To Affirmative Action In Michigan Case

    The question this time is not whether race can be a factor in college admissions, but rather whether state voters can ban affirmative action altogether by referendum. In 2006, Michigan voters did just that with a ballot initiative amending the state's constitution.
  • 11:53am Oct 22, 2013
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    West Point Women: A Natural Pattern Or A Camouflage Ceiling?

    Since 1980, the percentage of women at the U.S. Military Academy has stayed largely the same, leading some to conclude that the school has set an artificial cap on the number of female cadets it accepts. Now, West Point has been told it must raise those numbers to meet the demand for more female leaders.