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Apes May Be More Like Us Than We Thought

Blogger Alva Noë looks at new research showing apes understand what we think: They are able to differentiate how someone thinks something to be from how it actually is.

Just How Smart Is Fido?

A human's bond with a dog is unlike our bond with any other animal. Why is that, how did it happen, and exactly how smart is Fido? Dr. Vanessa Woods, Research Scientist in the Evolutionary Anthropology Department at Duke University and author of the best selling book The Genius of Dogs, is part of a team that is sniffing out the answers.

Jane, Bill, Juan, Fido... Whoever You Are!?!

As a parent, I can tell you that naming a child can be a drawn-out exercise in creativity and diplomacy. So with that said, why does my mom still call me by my aunt's name? I always took this as a character flaw. But recently, when I called my 6-year-old son for dinner - using the dog's name -  I concluded that this must be science!  And it seems I was right.