Recipe For New Sports? Just Add A Drone

You may have heard of drone racing, but people keep coming up with new ways to enjoy these flying machines. A Latvian firm has developed a drone to pull snowboarders in a sport called "droneboarding."

Another Use For Drones: Saving Rainforests?

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or UAVs, otherwise known as drones, are aircraft piloted by remote control or programmed to follow a flight path using GPS as a guide. They can be as small as a book or as large as a commercial airliner. From toys to weapons, they are filling a range of niches, including research and conservation efforts.

We spoke with Max Messinger, Founder of Linn Aerospace and Research Fellow with Wake Forest University Center for Energy, Environment, and Sustainability. He has spent the past several years developing, building, and flying a variety of drones to monitor the health of the Peruvian Amazon rainforests.