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  • 7:19pm Dec 17, 2012

    'Fat Fingers' Blamed For Accidental Mobile Ad Clicks

    Robert Siegel and Melissa Block talk about Google's launch of a new type of mobile ad that aims to combat the "fat finger" problem. As the smartphone market grows, mobile ads have become more important to the tech giant, which makes most of its revenue through advertising.
  • 10:55am Dec 11, 2012

    FTC: Apps For Children Raise Privacy Concerns

    The Federal Trade Commission has released a report taking to task the makers of mobile apps for children. It says apps are not transparent enough about the personal information they collect. It's the latest sign the Obama administration is concerned about children's privacy online.
  • 8:44pm Dec 10, 2012

    Social Media Advice: Sending Holiday Cards

    Social media experts Baratunde Thurston, author of the book How to Be Black, and Deanna Zandt, author of Share This: How You Will Change the World with Social Networking, answer questions about how to behave in the digital age. This week's topic: When it comes to holiday cards, should you send them via snail mail or email?
  • 1:52pm Dec 06, 2012

    Documenting Tragedy: The Ethics Of Photojournalism

    When the New York Post published a freelancer's photograph of a man trapped in the path of an oncoming subway train, many photojournalists, editors and consumers decried the decision as unethical. Others argue that the photo was essential to the story.
  • 7:05am Nov 30, 2012

    Woman Turns To Facebook To Help Find Beloved Hat

    The floppy brown hat belonged to Bridget Hughes' late mother, who wore it during cancer treatment. Hughes lost it at the Phoenix airport this week, and asked friends on Facebook to help her find it. Her post has been shared over 100,000 times.
  • 10:06am Dec 16, 2004
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    Tech Guru Omar Wasow: Winning over a Technophobe

    Tech guru Omar Wasow of offers up gift ideas for the tech geek in your life. Wasow follows up last week's suggestions for the technophobe in your life.