Digital Life

  • 2:12pm May 28, 2013
    Arts Arts

    What's Happened To Wonder? The Bliss Of Confusion

    As children, we are allowed to be confused, lost, and full of wonder. As adults in the age of Google, we are expected to project confidence, knowledge and understanding. Ta-Nehisi Coates, senior editor for The Atlantic, talks about how learning a foreign language reignited his imagination.
  • 2:58pm May 24, 2013
    Science Science Health & Safety

    Tackling New Tech In The Golden Years

    Smartphones, tablets and computers could help seniors stay connected to their communities and families. But a hefty price tag, steep learning curves, and designs meant for younger eyes and hands could keep some older adults from logging on. Guests discuss the best ways for seniors to tackle new technology, and how devices can be adapted to accommodate older users.
  • 4:31pm May 22, 2013

    How That 'Nigerian Email Scam' Got Started

    You've probably seen it in your inbox before: Someone who claims to have come into a fortune needs your help. You can share in the profits — if you send along a deposit or your bank account number. Boston Globe correspondent Finn Brunton talks about the history of the "Nigerian prince" or "419" scam, which actually got its start long before email.
  • 5:06am May 20, 2013

    Yahoo To Buy Tumblr In An Attempt To Revitalize Itself

    Yahoo is expected to announce Monday that it's acquiring the social media site Tumblr, in a deal The Wall Street Journal and other news outlets are reporting to be worth about $1.1 billion. Some analysts are calling the acquisition an effort by Yahoo to be "cool and relevant" again.
  • 2:40pm May 09, 2013
    National National

    What We Can Learn From The Viral Spotlight On Charles Ramsey

    A compelling television interview with Charles Ramsey, who helped save three women held in captivity in Cleveland, quickly became an online meme in the vein of Antoine Dodson and Sweet Brown. Slate's Aisha Harris and Jonathan Capehart of The Washington Post discuss what Harris has called the viral trend of the "hilarious black neighbor."