Carolina Curious

  • 9:42pm Jun 06, 2016
    Education Education

    Carolina Curious: Public Education And Ten Years Of Change

    For the latest in our Carolina Curious series, listener and newly-minted teacher Madelyn Rindal wants to know: “How has the North Carolina Public School System changed in the last decade and how does it compare to our neighboring states?”

  • 2:38pm May 23, 2016
    Economy Economy

    ABC Stores: Prohibition And The Price Of A Good Drink

    In North Carolina, the only place you can buy liquor is the ABC store. Long-time Winston-Salem resident and self-professed bourbon lover George Kayiales is convinced that prices are higher here because there’s no competition. For this edition of Carolina Curious, WFDD takes a “spirit”ed look at his question.

  • 5:22pm Apr 06, 2016
    Human Interest Human Interest

    Carolina Curious: Searching For Robin Hood (Road, That Is)

    Spend even a little time driving around the Camel City, and you’ll see 13th-century mythic heroes. Everywhere. Robin Hood. Little John. Maid Marian. Even Friar Tuck. WFDD's Sean Bueter aims to find the answer.