• 9:37am Feb 15, 2013
    Science Science

    Research Looks At Starchy Diet's Role In Dogs' Evolution

    Some dogs need to be on specialized diets for health reasons, but most eat just about anything. That wasn't always the case, however. The domestic dog's ancestor, the wolf, ate only meat. Research suggests for dogs to live with humans, they had to adapt to a starchy diet.
  • 3:05am Feb 15, 2013

    Pets Feel The Love On Valentine's Day

    The National Retail Federation says Americans will spend more than $800 million on gifts for their pets from heart-shaped treats to heart-healthy vitamins.
  • Perch exposed to the anxiety drug oxazepam were more daring and ate more quickly than fish that lived in drug-free water.
    Courtesy of Bent Christensen
    5:40pm Feb 14, 2013
    Science Science Health & Safety

    Traces Of Anxiety Drugs May Make Fish Act Funny

    Small amounts of the drugs that people take end up in wastewater and then in streams and rivers. It's usually not enough to harm the health of humans who swim in or drink the water. But there is growing evidence that pharmaceuticals in wastewater may affect wildlife.
  • The team found one penguin chick that didn't make it.
    International Polar Foundation
    8:55pm Feb 08, 2013
    Science Science Environment

    Penguin Poop Leads Ice Researchers To Unknown Colony

    A team of researchers from the British Antarctic Survey stumbled upon some interesting satellite images in 2009: a trail of penguin poop that showed signs of a huge colony of emperor penguins. A team of researchers finally made it out to visit the 9,000-strong colony last December, marking the first human contact the animals had experienced.
  • 1:35pm Feb 08, 2013
    Science Science

    Researchers Point To The Demise of the Dinosaurs

    The idea that a comet or asteroid impact led to the downfall of the dinosaurs has been around for years. Now, Paul Renne and colleagues report in Science that they've narrowed down the timing of that collision. It's practically simultaneous with dinosaur extinction.
  • The Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve after the land was stripped by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Several advocates, including elected leaders, are protesting the move.
    Courtesy of Mathew Tekulsky
    7:23pm Feb 06, 2013
    National National Environment

    Wildlife Advocates Fume Over Army Corps' Razing Of Reserve

    A 48-acre area in California that housed more than 200 species of birds was stripped bare by the Army Corps of Engineers, which manages the land. The Corps says the clearing was necessary to improve flood control and discourage homeless camps and drug dealing, but some are questioning whether the agency violated rules that protect wetlands and waterfowl.
  • 1:03pm Feb 01, 2013
    Science Science

    How Owls Turn Heads

    A mystery of the animal kingdom: how do owls turn their heads 270 degrees without damaging their blood vessels? At last an answer, published this week in Science. Fabian de Kok-Mercado and Philippe Gailloud dissected and x-rayed owls to discover how the birds do the twist.