• 7:48pm May 01, 2013
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    S. African Leader Under Fire After Awkward Visit With Mandela

    Nelson Mandela had a bewildered look and was largely unresponsive when President Jacob Zuma stopped by earlier this week. After the visit was televised, some South Africans began criticizing the president, saying the images were disrespectful to the iconic figure.
  • 5:06pm Apr 26, 2013
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    787 Dreamliner Could Mean Big Things For Africa's 'Air Wars'

    Boeing's 787 Dreamliner was supposed to be a game changing new aircraft, but battery problems grounded the fleet, costing Boeing an estimated $600 million. Now the Federal Aviation Administration has approved a fix to the battery issue, and the first Dreamliner will return to the skies this weekend in Africa. Ethiopian Airlines is relaunching the "continent's first" Dreamliner in its effort to distinguish itself in the increasingly competitive, increasingly crowded African aerospace market.
  • 2:58pm Apr 22, 2013

    South Sudan: A Warn-Torn Nation Transforms To Tourist Destination

    South Sudan is the world's newest country, and with stunning wildlife and plentiful oil reserves, it's got the raw materials to thrive as a tourist attraction. The African nation's new independence also shed light on what it lacks: infrastructure, government and stable civil society.
  • 7:20am Apr 10, 2013

    Family In Mali Eats French President's Camel

    When French President Francois Hollande came for a visit, Mali's government gave him a camel. Unable to transport the camel home, Hollande left it with a local family who then ate it. Embarrassed officials have promised Hollande a new camel.
  • 10:09am Apr 08, 2013
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    Religious Tensions Escalate In Egypt Amid Violence

    Egypt suffered the worst religious violence over the weekend that it has seen since President Morsi came to power last year. Egyptians are already struggling with an economic crisis and political instability. Now, religious tensions appear to be boiling over.
  • 8:50am Apr 05, 2013
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    Nelson Mandela's Condition Seems To Be Improving

    Public expressions of concern are on full display as South Africans monitor the hospitalization of anti-apartheid hero and former president Nelson Mandela. The 94 year old is being treated for pneumonia.
  • 5:59pm Mar 27, 2013
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    Islamists Say They Are Filling Vacuum Left By Egyptian State

    The Islamist group Gamaa al-Islamiya recently agreed to handle security during a strike by police in the city of Assiut; the police returned to work the next day. But the group says it will continue to provide services such as trash pickup, reflecting the larger problem of a deteriorating Egyptian government.