• 8:36am Jul 02, 2013
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    Obama Announces Trade Africa Initiative

    President Obama is preparing to conclude his trip to Africa. The last leg of his trip is Tanzania, where he continues to press U.S. companies to invest in Africa. A new initiative is going to try to get rid of the road blocks that slow down trade in Africa.
  • 7:13am Jun 28, 2013
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    Obama: Time For A Mutually Beneficial Alliance With Africa

    While in Senegal on Thursday, President Obama toured the House of Slaves on Goree Island, a site which memorializes the final passage of African slaves to the Americas. At the presidential palace in Dakar, Obama said it's time for the U.S. to benefit from a partnership, and not simply give in the relationship with Africa.
  • 5:44pm Jun 27, 2013
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    Opponents To Mark Morsi's First Year In Office With Protests

    On Sunday, it'll be one year since Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi was sworn into office. His leadership has polarized the country and Egyptians face rising food prices, fuel shortages and power cuts just as the long hot summer takes hold. Opposition groups have planned major protests to mark the day, demanding early elections and vowing to remain on the streets until Morsi quits power.
  • 10:38am Jun 27, 2013

    Nelson Mandela Said To Be Gravely Ill

    South Africa is on watch for the fate of the 94-year-old Nobel Peace Prize laureate. The ailing Mandela, an international icon known for his fight to end apartheid, has been in the hospital for several days. For the latest on his condition, Renee Montagne speaks with NPR's Ofeibea Quist-Arcton.
  • 6:36pm Jun 09, 2013
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    Britain Apologizes For Colonial-Era Torture Of Kenyan Rebels

    The historic apology — and the unprecedented settlement — has been years in the making. A Harvard graduate student helped bring about the settlement for the surviving Mau Mau victims of torture and abuse at the hands of the British.
  • 9:20am Jun 05, 2013
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    Egyptian Court Verdict Complicates Relations With Washington

    The State Department and several U.S. pro-democracy organizations have reacted strongly to a Cairo court ruling Tuesday. More than 40 foreign and local NGO workers were sentenced to prison for operating without a license. The ruling will likely spur calls in Congress for retaliation.
  • People walk struggling for space between public transport buses and trucks at the burstling Oshodi bus stop in Lagos 06 February 2006. Lagos is reputed as one of the mostly densely populated city in the world with population more than 14 million. AFP PHOT
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    2:34pm May 31, 2013
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    How Recalculating GDP Can Help App Designers In Nigeria

    Pledge 51 creates applications for Nigeria's low-tech cellphones. The company thinks it could grow its business with help from foreign investors, but Nigeria's low GDP has made that difficult. If the country changes the way it calculates this figure, that could help Pledge 51 bring in new investment.