Affordable Care Act

  • 12:37pm Jan 27, 2014
    National National Health & Safety

    The Healthy, Not The Young, May Determine Health Law's Fate

    Much has been made of the need for young, healthy people to sign up if the Affordable Care Act is going to work. But it may be that the key word here is not young, but healthy. Insurance companies get paid more for older people, regardless of their health.
  • Henry Ford Hospital treats Detroit residents.  About 1 in 3 residents of that city is uninsured, and the hospital CEO hopes Medicaid expansion will increase the number of people with health insurance.
    Eric Whitney
    1:45pm Jan 20, 2014
    National National Politics & Government Health & Safety

    In Michigan, Businessmen And Politicians Agree On Medicaid

    Michigan is one of only a handful of Republican-led states that is expanding Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. It did it by forging a plan that worked for Republicans, Democrats and business interests, as well as doctors and hospitals.
  • EndoChoice CEO Mark Gilreath.
    Jim Burress / WABE
    7:36pm Jan 09, 2014
    National National Health & Safety

    Tech Ventures in Georgia Prosper As Health Care Law Kicks In

    In a state where politicians have adamantly rejected the Affordable Care Act, the area around Atlanta has a growing number of health tech companies. Many are seeing business benefits from the law. Companies that once would have been a hard sell are seeing more sales and customers.
  • U.S. health spending by year.
    4:55pm Jan 07, 2014
    National National Economy Health & Safety

    Health Care Costs Grew More Slowly Than The Economy In 2012

    Health care costs grew at 3.7 percent in 2012, the fourth year of a trend of smaller annual increases. The Obama administration says that the Affordable Care Act is a factor. But the actuaries who wrote the report beg to differ, saying the recession is a more likely cause.
  • Joey Cappuccitti, who works at a Maximus call center, talks with a person looking for help with New York's insurance exchange.
    Fred Mogul
    10:55am Dec 09, 2013
    National National Economy Health & Safety

    New York's Insurance Exchange Readies For Holiday Rush

    As a Dec. 23 enrollment deadline for health insurance that starts Jan. 1 looms, New York state is staffing up its call center and smoothing out the rough spots on its application to meet growing demand. As time runs down, the state is trying to fix technical and design issues that came up when the site debuted in October.
  • Reset button
    6:31am Dec 06, 2013
    National National Health & Safety Now Allows Window Shopping, And A Do-Over

    Probably the best feature of the retooled website is that you can actually use it. People are now able to get a customized list of plans and prices, and click through to see an insurer's provider directory. Still, better though it is, it's clearly not 100 percent.
  • Tim Wilsbach was pleasantly surprised to find better health coverage with a lower deductible on California's health insurance marketplace.
    Tim Wilsbach
    1:28pm Nov 26, 2013
    National National Health & Safety

    These Californians Greeted Canceled Health Plans With Smiles

    Insurance cancellation notices have sparked a political firestorm. President Obama proposed a delay, but California's health exchange board rejected that fix. Now, despite initial outrage, some people in the state who lost their plans are finding better coverage and good deals on the marketplace.
  • 1:11pm Nov 25, 2013
    Health & Safety Health & Safety

    Health Exchanges Brace For A December Deluge

    After a rocky start, the website is supposed to be able to handle 50,000 simultaneous users by the end of the month. That figure would represent about double the site's current capacity. An expected surge in demand will present a new test.