Submit Your Day Sponsorship Message

After making a donation of $240 or more via check or credit card online, complete this form to submit the message that you would like to have read on air.

Please note, Day Sponsor messages must be submitted at least two weeks in advance and dates cannot be guaranteed. 

We'll confirm your message by email 7-10 days before it airs. To ensure accuracy, please respond with any wording changes or pronunciation guides 48 hours prior to your Day Sponsor air date.

88.5 WFDD hosts are not live on the weekends. Weekend Day Sponsor messages are pre-recorded on Fridays, so any change or pronunciation guide for your weekend message needs to be submitted by 9 AM the Thursday prior.  

Day Sponsorship Policies can be found here.

You'll hear your message on your confirmed date at the following times: 7:59am, 8:59am, 11:59am, 3:59pm, 5:59pm.

In 10 words or less, indicate the person or event being honored and a brief statement of the reason. 88.5 WFDD reserves the right to alter wording for consistency and length, or if the submitted message does not follow our day sponsor policies. The purpose of a day sponsorship is to acknowledge special events or people, not business advertising or the expression of ideological, theological, or political opinions. Web addresses, email addresses, and/or telephone numbers cannot be included in Day Sponsorship messages. Please note, WFDD requires the full name and city of the donor to precede the Day Sponsor message. All messages are formatted in the third person for reading by the host. Example: Donor Name of Donor City celebrating/honoring/remembering...
I would like to be a Day Sponsor on this date every year.
I acknowledge that I have read and accept WFDD's day sponsor policies, and understand that my message may be edited by WFDD staff to follow message guidelines and for message consistency. Day Sponsorship policies can be found here.