Your Thoughts On The Impeachment Inquiry

Your Thoughts On The Impeachment Inquiry

12:58pm Dec 19, 2019
U.S. House Of Representatives Votes On Impeachment Of President Donald Trump
On Wednesday, the House of Representatives voted to impeach President Donald Trump.
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

The House voted to impeach President Donald Trump on Wednesday evening. Democratic lawmakers say the president has abused his power and obstructed Congress.

On Thursday morning, the president tweeted, in part, “I got Impeached last might without one Republican vote being cast with the Do Nothing Dems on their continuation of the greatest Witch Hunt in American history.”

What are you thinking about the impeachment inquiry? What questions do you have about what happens when the process moves to the Senate?

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Michael Zeldin, Fellow, The Institute of Politics at Harvard University; legal analyst, CNN

Jeffrey Rosen, President and CEO, The National Constitution Center; professor, The George Washington University Law School; author, “William Howard Taft” and “Louis D. Brandeis: American Prophet”; @RosenJeffrey

Sen. Chris Coons, U.S. Senator, D-DE; @ChrisCoons

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