Winter Storms Keep Highway Crews Busy

Winter Storms Keep Highway Crews Busy

5:02pm Mar 05, 2013
As of March 4, 2013, the NCDOT has spent more than $28 million on winter weather cleanup throughout the state.

Rain is expected to mix with snowflakes Tuesday night in some parts of our listening area, especially to the North and West of the Triad.  North Carolina Department of Transportation crews are preparing for the latest storm.

Brine is the salt and water solution used by the NC Department of Transportation (NCDOT) to pre-treat the roads when bad weather is predicted.  But wintry mix storm of snow, sleet and freezing rain this year have been a challenge for DOT crews. Jerry Higgins, Communications Officer with the department says extra crews are in the Triad to help keep roadways safe.

“We can’t brine the roads in preparation of the storm because it is going to rain first and the rain will just wash it off, so there is not much you can do. We have crews coming in to hit the roads. Just remember, the bridges and overpasses will freeze before the main roads,” says Higgins.

Overall, the Department of Transportation has spent $28.4 million throughout the state on weather cleanup efforts this winter. In Guilford County, the number is $1.1 million, and in the five county region around Winston-Salem, the state has spent $2.8 million for equipment, personnel and other items.

Higgins reminds travelers to leave plenty of distance between road crews and other vehicles. But he says the best way to stay safe during hazardous weather is to stay off the roadways.

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