Winston-Salem police say most shootings in the city are gang-related.

At a community meeting at Trinity Moravian Church Monday, Captain K.P. Allen said the shootings they investigate typically aren’t random. 

“I would say that a large majority of our shootings are gang-related,” said Allen. “In fact, I can't even recall one where it's like a stranger type situation. It tends to be gang-related, or some type of dispute-related thing.” 

She said gang members in the city are getting younger and younger, posing new challenges for the department. 

“I think one of the big things that I think both the sheriff's office and that the police department is looking to do is trying to find things that will occupy our children, and occupy them to where they're interested, and they stay interested," said Allen. 

These kinds of activities are particularly critical during the summer months when many children are left unsupervised, she said. 

Separately at the meeting, police also gave an update on a shooting that left one person dead and four others injured over the weekend. 

The incident took place at a party attended by more than 200 people at Happy Hill Park. Allen said those injured were likely not intentionally targeted. 

“It is believed that they were fleeing from the scene based on their injuries, not necessarily intended targets. Based on their injuries they were trying to escape and get away.”

Allen said cars and people blocked the park’s exits, making it challenging for individuals to leave the scene. She encouraged witnesses to report any pertinent information to the police department. 

The investigation is ongoing and no arrests have been made. 

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