Local officials in Winston-Salem are sharing information on what impacted residents can do as they return to their homes after a chemical fire at the Winston Weaver fertilizer plant.

The city posted information on social media late Thursday night that includes recommendations from the federal Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry.

The guide provides safety tips and answers questions including, "Could chemicals from the fire be in houses or yards?"

Minor Barnette is director of the Forsyth County Office of Environmental Assistance and Protection. He says he doesn't expect a dusty type of residue to be in people's houses, but it's always best to take extra precautions, especially if a person still smells smoke or sees something that they didn't before.

"If there's any food sitting out exposed, go ahead and discard it," says Barnette. "And if any clothing has been sitting out and not in a drawer that's closed or a closet with a door, wash it before it's worn. And, you know, if there's a noticeable odor in the house, it would be a good idea to clean tabletops and countertops."

Barnette also says it might be good to change pet food that was left out and wash those containers.

More than 6,000 people were told to evacuate within a one-mile radius of the Weaver fertilizer plant after it caught fire on January 31.

The radius was reduced on Thursday evening.

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