Winston-Salem Council Warned Against Passing 'Welcoming City' Resolution

Winston-Salem Council Warned Against Passing 'Welcoming City' Resolution

11:33am Mar 30, 2017
A view of the Winston-Salem skyline. Photo credit: Wikimedia contributor tweber1 for Creative Commons

State lawmakers are urging the Winston-Salem City Council to drop its pursuit of a “Welcoming City” resolution. Council members have been told by local representatives  to “bury” the proposal.

The resolution proposed by Council Member Dan Besse would reaffirm Winston-Salem’s commitment to provide a “safe and welcoming environment to immigrants, refugees and other newcomers.”

But regional legislators warned City Council that some General Assembly members would see the resolution as a sanctuary bill, inviting punishment for defying state and federal laws banning sanctuary cities.

The Winston-Salem Journal reports Republican Sen. Joyce Krawiec called the proposal “unwise,” and said there would be consequences if the city passed the resolution.

Democratic Senator Ed Hanes warned that the proposal was “not ready for prime time,” and urged the council to send the resolution into legislative limbo.

Besse remained unfazed by the advice, saying that his resolution proposes nothing illegal. Council members are set to continue discussing the proposal in April.

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