When You've Got 99 Problems And Money Is One

When You've Got 99 Problems And Money Is One

4:24pm Jan 30, 2020
A close up shot shows a one US dollar bill placed on a table in Tehran on April 10, 2018. - Iran took the drastic step of fixing the rate of its currency against the dollar in a bid to arrest a slide that has seen it fall by a third in six months. (Photo

If there’s one thing that most people feel like they don’t have enough of, it’s money. But many people don’t know how exactly to manage what they do have and are too afraid to talk about personal finance.

But managing your money well, especially when you’re young, could be the difference between retiring comfortably or finding yourself unable to afford basic necessities when the age of 65 rolls around.

More from the New York Times:

Even setting aside that social taboo of discussing money, there are practical hurdles in your way to getting better at money: Learning about money is intimidating, and there’s no structural system in place to teach us. Further still, we look at poor money skills as something to be ashamed and embarrassed of, which can keep us from being honest about money and seeking out the right kind of help.

For the last show in our listener-selected series, we’re here to help talk money and personal finance.


Alvin Hall, Tv and radio broadcaster, writer, and financial educator

Kara Perez, Financial educator, Founder of Bravely Go

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