What You Can Do When A Local Business Violates COVID-19 Safety Orders

What You Can Do When A Local Business Violates COVID-19 Safety Orders

3:28pm Dec 11, 2020

Forsyth County’s top public health official says citizens have options when it comes to reporting COVID-19 safety violations they witness in public. 

Joshua Swift, the county's public health director, says if you notice a business isn’t enforcing the rules, your first step should be informing the management. 

If it doesn’t seem like you’re getting traction, you can call the health department’s COVID-19 helpline, at 336-582-0800. Swift says the county will take it from there. 

“We developed internally a system at the health department where we would take our complaints and send a letter from the health director, along with an email to each of these establishments, copy the appropriate law enforcement agency and the Department of Health and Human Services, trying to educate them," said Swift. 

The county will reach out directly to law enforcement if the violations are egregious, or if they don’t see any improvement after sending the business multiple notices. 

Swift says citizens can also report violations to police by calling their department’s non-emergency line. 

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