WFDD Dining Room Samples Tastes and Trends

WFDD Dining Room Samples Tastes and Trends

6:00am Mar 12, 2015

The WFDD Dining Room is our new occasional series focusing on topics for those who love food and dining out in the Triad! 

This week, we're exploring why this area is such a rich environment for dining, whether it's a quick lunch, an upscale dinner, or a classic Southern meal.

WFDD's Neal Charnoff speaks with Eric Ginsburg, an editor at Triad City Beat who also covers food and drink for the paper.

Ginsburg says that restaurants in the Triad really complement each other.  He says Greensboro has unique offerings for the lunch crowd. 

“There’s a lot of international or ethnic food in Greensboro--cheap, divey hole-in-the-walls where you can go and grab a $5 sandwich or burrito.” 

Winston-Salem, on the other hand, “has a slightly classier, more upscale kind of place I would want to go out on a date for dinner.”

Ginsburg says that Southern culture has a major influence on the food scene in the Triad, with pimento cheese or other substitutes on the menu that celebrate Southern traditions. But he adds Lexington is still your best bet for barbecue.

An earlier version of this story mentioned that there was no food co-op in Winston-Salem. In fact, the Triad Buying Co-op is located in Old Salem. 

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