WATCH LIVE: Pulitzer Prizes Name A New Crop Of Winners For 2019

WATCH LIVE: Pulitzer Prizes Name A New Crop Of Winners For 2019

8:34pm Apr 15, 2019
The 2019 Pulitzer Prizes are getting handed out Monday.
Courtesy of the Pulitzer Prizes

By Monday's end, the journalists, artists and authors behind 21 of last year's most distinguished projects will walk away with $15,000 and a new laurel that'll likely prove even more valuable: the title "Pulitzer Prize winner."

The prize administrator, Dana Canedy, is expected to announce those names Monday at Columbia University in New York City. And you can watch live below — or by clicking here — as she calls the names of the 2019 crop of Pulitzer winners.

Before the ceremony, Canedy signaled that she and the rest of the 18-member Pulitzer Prize Board (one of whom is Nancy Barnes, NPR's senior vice president for news) would be keeping the country's fraught political landscape in mind when selecting this year's winners.

"There was so much extraordinary work submitted," Canedy told Poynter, "even in a year when journalism is yet again under relentless assault, including from the highest office in the land, and when the security threats remain high for journalists simply seeking to do their jobs."

A range of journalism fields — including breaking news and investigative reporting, criticism and cartooning — account for 14 of the prizes Canedy is announcing Monday. The other seven are reserved for the arts and scholarship: fiction, music, history and several others.

All told, prize administrators say they regularly receive upward of 2,500 entries submitted each year for their consideration. It takes more than 100 judges to shave that snowdrift of submissions down to something manageable for the board, which typically then picks the final winners by majority vote.

Refresh this page after the ceremony's conclusion to get the full list of winners. And in the meantime, check out last year's winners — a crop that included Kendrick Lamar and journalist Ronan Farrow — as well as the full list of categories below.


  • Feature Writing
  • Public Service
  • Investigative Reporting
  • Explanatory Reporting
  • Local Reporting
  • National Reporting
  • International Reporting
  • Breaking News Reporting
  • Commentary
  • Criticism
  • Editorial Writing
  • Editorial Cartooning
  • Breaking News Photography
  • Feature Photography
  • Fiction
  • Drama

  • History
  • Biography
  • Poetry
  • General Nonfiction
  • Music
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