War Monuments Vandalized In Wilkesboro

War Monuments Vandalized In Wilkesboro

11:10am Feb 04, 2019
Image via Wilkesboro Police Department Facebook page.


Another North Carolina Civil War monument has been vandalized and a statue of a Revolutionary War hero was also damaged.

Police in Wilkesboro say the vandals struck Friday night. Pictures the department shared on social media show the word “attack” painted in red on a Civil War monument.

Also defaced was a statue of Col. Benjamin Cleveland showing him with a raised sword. The monument was covered in red paint and the word “genocide” was written on the base.

Cleveland is probably best known for his service in the North Carolina Militia, including his leadership in the American victory at the Battle of Kings Mountain during the Revolutionary War.

Cleveland County, which includes most of the Kings Mountain area, is named for him.

Multiple history websites also note that Cleveland led expeditions against the Cherokee.

Anyone with information about the vandalism is asked to call Wilkesboro police at 336-667-7277 or Wilkes Crimestoppers at 336-667-8900.

The vandalism in Wilkes County is part of a string of such actions across the state. The statue known as “Silent Sam” in Chapel Hill was also vandalized before it was ultimately toppled.

In Winston-Salem, vandalism of its Confederate memorial led city officials to deem it unsafe and call for its removal.

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