Walker: Getting Things Done In Congress Starts With Local Community

Walker: Getting Things Done In Congress Starts With Local Community

9:28am Nov 18, 2014
Mark Walker Campaign


Greensboro Republican Mark Walker is replacing longtime U.S. Rep. Howard Coble as representative for the 6th Congressional District, which runs through most of Guilford County and  along the Virginia line from Surry to Granville Counties.

The former Baptist minister has never served in a political office and is finishing up orientation this week in Washington.

Walker recently sat down with WFDD’s Keri Brown as part of our coverage on new faces in Congress.  He says there are many issues he wants to address, including the Affordable Care Act.

“I know I would be remiss if I didn’t say let’s go to Washington to get some of this worked on,” says Walker.

“Addressing poverty is also a top priority for me. I'm a former pastor who has worked in the inner cities of Cleveland, New York and Baltimore and I have a heart for that."

Immigration is another topic Walker intends to tackle. He opposes amnesty for illegal immigrants and says there are many ways to bring about reform. There have been some conservative lawmakers who have discussed the use of shutting down the government should President Obama use executive powers on the policy. Walker didn't rule out the possibility.

"I don't think it's good to shut the government down and put people out of work who rely on that paycheck. I think that's the last resort and I hope that we never get to that."  

Walker stands to benefit from the Republican majority in Congress. But he says he will reach across the aisle to Democrats to tackle issues that impact his district.

"It starts by building trust in your local community. I have already started talking with Greensboro mayor Nancy Vaughan and a team of six Democrats and Republicans to address the issue. Let’s talk about it first and about what programs are successful. We also need to look at if more funding will help put a dent in long-term poverty, or are there other solutions including education that could help families break financial barriers faster."

WFDD's Keri Brown also spoke to another new face in Congress: Democrat Alma Adams who was recently sworn in to represent the 12th District.

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