Wake Forest Urges Vigilance After Spread Of Malicious Emails

Wake Forest Urges Vigilance After Spread Of Malicious Emails

12:07pm Sep 30, 2019
In this September 19, 2019 photo, an increased police presence is seen outside Kirby Hall on Wake Forest University campus. DAVID FORD/WFDD

Wake Forest University officials are continuing their investigation of hate-filled anonymous emails that targeted racial and gender/sexual minorities.

A campus-wide message, signed by University President Nathan Hatch and other leaders, encouraged the community to keep an attitude of “If you see something, say something.” 

The emails spreading messages of white supremacy and hate went to seven individuals and five offices on campus.

Wake Forest’s cybersecurity team and a national cybersecurity firm tried to identify the sender, but the emails appear to be untraceable. Other universities have received similar emails but tracking the sender has been proven difficult in those cases as well.

University officials say nothing in the emails indicate an immediate or likely threat of physical violence, but they suggest continued vigilance on campus.

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