New numbers from High Point Police Department data analysts show reductions in crime in several key areas.

The report reflects changes in crime patterns year to date through October, with violent impact crimes down by 9% and gun-related crimes 13% lower than last year. Contributing to those reductions has been High Point's strategy of targeting specific problems and applying concentrated tactics, but only within high-crime-intensity areas. It's a collaborative effort between the police, affected community members, and organizations that engage with violent offenders and provide job training skills and more to deter them from future criminal behavior.  

High Point Community Against Violence director Jim Summey says the reduction in violent crime is welcome news, but challenges remain, such as a rise in recidivism rates, and even more pressing, youth violence.

"It's one of the most concerning things I've run into since I've been a part of this," says Summey. "We're having great difficulty with the younger folks that we are engaging now. And quite frankly, it's the lack of engagement. We give them an offer. We tell them what we can do, and most of them say, ‘Oh, no. I'm not interested at all.'"

Summey cites cultural shifts and the aggressive hold of electronic devices on today's youth as part of the problem, but he's hopeful his nonprofit can adapt to the new challenges moving forward.  

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