Korean pop, or K-pop — a genre that embraces a range of Western and Korean influences — was once known only in East Asia and among the Korean diaspora. But these days, K-pop's techno beats and its signature synchronized, tightly choreographed dance moves are familiar the world over. You might know K-pop best from "Gangnam Style," the 2012 monster hit by Psy.

Dancing in the K-pop style is not limited to video trainees and stars, however. In Korean-dominated cities, specialized studios have cropped up to teach all of us how to dance according to K-pop video concepts, be they coquettish, sporty — or in our test case, "manly."

Joined by NPR Code Switch reporter Kat Chow in the Korean capital of Seoul, I gamely gave this a try while 6 1/2 months pregnant. We thought we were going to a beginners' class. You'll see for yourselves how things went down.

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