Vaping Gets A Bluetooth Upgrade

Vaping Gets A Bluetooth Upgrade

9:41am Mar 03, 2016

Winston-Salem based R.J. Reynolds has a new addition to its line of vapor products. The new VUSE FOB e-cigarette is designed, in part, to keep kids away from the product.

The vapor device is equipped with Bluetooth, which gives consumers real-time information about the cartridge and battery levels. Vapor products have been using technologies like USB charging for the past few years, but the ability to sync to an app is new.

Jacob McConnico, spokesperson for R.J. Reynolds Vapor Company, notes there’s a built-in safety feature when paired with the mobile app.

“We’ve incorporated technology to help solve a problem that could not be solved with traditional tobacco products," McConnico says. "The ability to lock the device prevents youth and others from using the device.”

He adds that the product was developed in response to tobacco consumers' interest in better technology.

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