Ukraine says it shot down 13 Russian drones that targeted the capital Kyiv and the surrounding region before dawn Wednesday, adding that damage was limited and no casualties were reported.

Residents woke to air raid sirens around 6 a.m. The explosions came minutes later, part of a grim pattern that's familiar to Ukrainians nationwide since Russia began launching airstrikes at the country's power systems more than two months ago.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in a brief video message on the Telegram messaging app that it appeared all of the Russian drones were shot down.

"Well done. I'm proud," the president said.

However, when the Ukrainian air defenses hit the Russian drones or missiles, they can still cause damage when they come crashing down.

Ukrainian officials said at least one government building and several private homes suffered limited damage.

No casualties were reported.

Ukraine's air force said the drones were made by Iran, and are the same kind Russia has been using recently.

Russia did not immediately comment.

With Russia suffering setbacks on the battlefield, the Russian military began large-scale attacks on civilian infrastructure on Oct. 10. The air assaults have damaged many parts of the electricity grid nationwide and led to daily power cuts throughout the country.

Over the weekend, Russia fired Iranian-made drones that knocked out power to the southern port city of Odesa and much of the surrounding region.

Ukraine's power companies have been quick to make repairs. But they say the damage is cumulative, and the country cannot generate as much electricity as it needs this winter.

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