The Two Sides of Israel

The Two Sides of Israel

12:23am Mar 03, 2014
Angham is a Palestinian teenager. When she was six years old, she visited the Dead Sea with her family. They had to go through a check point to get there.

One Triad artists discovers some of the troubling contradictions governing the lives of some in Israel.

The conflict between Palestinians and Israelis has embattled generations in that region since the late-1960’s. Their strife has also sparked unrest across the Middle East.

Last year, Triad resident and artist Todd Drake spent several weeks in East Jerusalem and in the West Bank teaching story-telling through photography. His students were Palestinian youth. Drake creates art that addresses human rights issues among marginalized communities. On March 6, his exhibit, Double Vision: Perspectives from Palestine, will open at the University of South Carolina Upstate.

In WFDD’s Real People, Real Stories, Drake explains the most devastating aspect of the conflict in this region is how it erodes at the human spirit.


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