Two Foundations Accomplish One Goal

Two Foundations Accomplish One Goal

8:10pm Sep 22, 2013
Nigel Vincent says attending two high schools gave him skills so he can succeed in diverse environments.
Kathryn Mobley

Nigel Vincent is a typical 18 year old. He loves music, plays the bass and wants to be a graphic artist. Now the freshman is majoring in art at North Carolina A&T State University. But the roads that helped Nigel get to college are anything but typical.

WFDD's Radio 101 is an education program that inspires high school youth to creatively engage with their community using the power of media guided by journalistic integrity and critical thinking. Radio 101 is produced by 88.5 WFDD in partnership with James Dudley High School in Greensboro. Funding is from the United Arts Council of Greater Greensboro.

Most people attend one high school at a time. But simultaneously, WFDD’s Radio 101 reporter Nigel Vincent attended two. During the 2012-2013 academic year, he attended James B. Dudley High School and Weaver Academy in Greensboro. In his essay, Vincent describes how both schools impacted his senior year. This story was produced by Nigel Vincent with assistance from WFDD senior producer Kathryn Mobley and Radio 101 Instructor Lopa Shah. WFDD's Education Initiative coordinator is Greg Keener.

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