Triad Arts Weekend: January 25, 2013

Triad Arts Weekend: January 25, 2013

6:16pm Jan 24, 2013
Doug Davis and the Solid Citizens rocking out in WFDD's Studio A!
Bethany Chafin


On Triad Arts Weekend (1:00 p.m.):

When world-famous tenor Tito Morelli arrives for a fundraiser at the Cleveland Grand Opera Company, a chain-reaction of mistaken identity, plot twists and double entendres creates one of the funniest farces of the American stage.

The Tony Award winning farce Lend Me a Tenor by Ken Ludwig comes to Twin City Stage February 1-3 & 7-10, with shows Thursday-Saturday at 8pm and Sundays at 2pm at Twin City Stage in Winston-Salem. Stan Bernstein directs, Michael Ackerman is the meek assistant manager, Max, sent in to impersonate world-famous tenor Tito Morelli, Rene-Lynn Walek is Maggie, Max's hopelessly romantic and very frustrated girlfriend, and they’re joined by cast members Chris Swaim, Phil Powell, Mary Lea Williams, Cameron Williams, and Janel Jernigan. Karen Robertson and Lanie Pope will tag team on the role of Julia.

Rene and Michael stopped by to talk about the play with David Ford.


August Wilson’s play Fences weaves together the obstacles of a black man’s past and the opportunities of his present. With his artful use of language and believable characters that leap off the page, Wilson aroused feelings of love, anger, grief, and forgiveness in a way that only he could.

That ability lives on in his Pulitzer Prize winning work and Stained Glass Playhouse is proud to share it with Triad audiences next month.Fencesopens Friday night February 1 and it will run through the 17thwith evening performances at 8pm and Sunday matinees at 3pm in the Stained Glass Playhouse. Stained Glass Playhouse is a community theatre that was founded in 1982, just one year before August Wilson penned his famous Pulitzer prize-winning drama. Fences also won the 1987 Tony Award for Best Play.

Playhouse director Jae Campbell has been an active member of the Winston-Salem theatre community for many years, and she’s honored to bring the words of August Wilson to life. Stained Glass actor Tensesia Turner is new to community theatre in Winston-Salem, but she brings her character Rose to life like a seasoned Triad veteran.


It’s good to be a little tree in the forest with the sounds of nature all around you, and plenty of fresh air and time to think. That is until the lumberjacks roll around and your little world begins falling apart at the seams.

At times like this we all could use a friend and that’s exactly what one loveable tree and a spunky bird find when The Short Little Tree and the Little Bird That Could Not Sing bring this scenario to life. It’s a children’s theatre play by award-winning master playwright Dennis Foon, and this week Greensboro College brings this quirky fable to the Triad.

After an extensive off campus school tour, Greensboro College will present two days of performances on Saturday, January 26 at 10am and 2pm, and Sunday, the 27th at 2pm in the Movement Lab, building No. 11 on the Greensboro College campus. Senior Molly Miller directs, freshman Blake Smith plays the traumatized tree, and Senior Kaitlyn Moss is the little bird who can’t carry a tune. They dropped by to chat with David Ford.


Understanding Classical Music with Peter Kairoff at the Keyboard. On this week's all new installment Peter explores the music of Beethoven & his musical form.


Live in Studio A!

The band Doug Davis and the Solid Citizens has a new CD out. It’s titled A Pageant of GoldA Pageant of Gold was produced, engineered, and mixed by Doug Davis for Flytrap Productions.

Last week Doug dropped by Studio A to chat with David Ford and to rock the house just ahead of the band’s CD release party at The Garage in Winston-Salem. Doug was joined by three solid citizens: bassist Ken Mohan, Lee Terry on electric guitar, and drummer Dan DesNoyers.

You can hear Doug February 22nd at 6:00pm where he’ll be performing a Shepherd's House Benefit at the Cross Creek Country Club in Mount Airy.





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