Tillis, Cunningham Will Face Off In U.S. Senate Race

Tillis, Cunningham Will Face Off In U.S. Senate Race

12:22am Mar 04, 2020
Brian Boyenger (left), Scott Arnold (middle) and his son Sam Arnold (right) discuss election returns during a Republican primary watch party at the Hickory Tavern in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. KERI BROWN/WFDD

Sen. Tom Tillis won the Republican primary to retain his Senate seat, defeating several GOP challengers. But he still has to get past Democrat Cal Cunningham in November.

Tillis is considered one of the most vulnerable Republicans in the 2020 election. A recent High Point University Poll says Tillis has a 34 percent approval rating. 

He was criticized by some GOP primary candidates. They accused him of flip-flopping on several key issues and not supporting President Trump.

But Tillis’ campaign says he has supported several of Trump’s policies, including tax reform, border security, and helping to get two Supreme Court Justices confirmed.

Scott Arnold is a Republican from Forsyth County. He feels confident Tillis will win his reelection bid.

“The key to victory for our GOP candidates is how well do you align with the President who is extremely popular, and Tillis obviously aligns very well with the president, his goals. They’re North Carolina goals, North Carolina values, and we see that as a path to victory for Senator Tillis,” says Arnold.

Political experts say the race is shaping up to be one of the most expensive and closely watched Senate races in the country.

Tillis will run against Cal Cunningham, a Democrat from Lexington, in the general election. Cunningham defeated state Sen. Erica Smith and three other Democrats.

Tillis tweeted his response to the Democratic primary Tuesday night, saying “I’m honored to have earned the Republican nomination tonight.”

“This race will present a clear contrast between me and my opponent, Cal Cunningham. I want to keep working with President Trump to create jobs, boost wages, secure winning trade deals, rebuild our military, improve health care for veterans, combat sanctuary cities and confirm well-qualified judges to the federal bench,” said Tillis.

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