Thousands Respond To Name Change Survey For Dixie Classic Fair

Thousands Respond To Name Change Survey For Dixie Classic Fair

4:39pm Jun 03, 2019
Fair Planning Committee members collect input during a public meeting held on May 7, 2019 at the fairgrounds. KERI BROWN/WFDD

The city of Winston-Salem is wrapping up a public survey this week on the possibility of renaming the Dixie Classic Fair. The deadline is June 3.

City Council called for the survey after several residents voiced concerns at a recent meeting. Some people say “Dixie Classic” evokes images of slavery and the Confederacy.

But supporters say it’s not offensive and is used in everything from Dixie Cups to Dixie Crystals sugar.

As of May 29th, there were more than 9,600 responses online. Hundreds of people also showed up at a public meeting last month.

A fair planning committee will review survey results on June 10. Chair Kathleen Garber says members will also factor in the cost of changing the name before a recommendation is made to city leaders.

“The reason there has been such great public either outcry or passion about this issue is that the fair is something that matters to people," says Garber. "It’s something that they treasure and have high value in, and it's something that represents our community and the city of Winston-Salem to a much broader audience than just our citizens."

The Dixie Classic name has been used for the fair since 1956.

City Council is expected to vote on the issue in August.

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